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Irish Sausage

Making an Irish sausage is a little confusing because the recipes you will find out there are all written by Americans, so this took a little research. The fundamental basis is a pork sausage with sage and allspice.

1kg (2.2 lbs)Pork shoulder
250g (8 oz) pork fat
150g (6oz) breadcrumbs or rusk
150ml (4oz) water

15g salt (3 level teaspoons)
25g chopped sage

3g pepper (3/4 level teaspoon)
2g (1/2 tsp) Allspice

You can add more sage if you like a stronger flavour, start small – you can always add more later.

Grind the meat and fat and add the breadcrumbs with an 8 mm plate in the grinder, then you can combine the rest. (If you wish, you can regrind having mixed the ingredients with a 6mm plate for a finer stuffing.)

Use very cold water, the amount of heat given off with this amount of rush or breadcrumbs is negligible, but it is a good idea to cool the water, as well as the stuffer once it has been sanitised.)

Stuff into pig casings and leave overnight before cooking or freezing.