How hot dogs are made

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Isn’t it time we started making our own hot dogs?

The archetypal German sausage that is either boiled, fried or baked. You need to judge the water content in order to make a good puree for stuffing.
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  1. 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) Pork shoulder
  2. 1 Kg Beef or chicken
  3. 300 ml (12oz) cold water
  4. Seasoning
  5. 30 g salt
  6. 20 g sugar
  7. 4g (1tsp) White pepper
  8. Large Pinch Ginger, Mace, Corriander, Nutmeg
  1. Grind the meat and then mix to make sure the fat content is completely mixed. Stuff into around 2 metres (6 ft) of ordinary pig casings. Leave overnight for all the flavours to develop. Leave overnight in the fridge for the flavours to develop further. Some recipes say add some onion powder. You can grind half an onion into the mixture if you wish, but this is a basic recipe. You can add to the recipe by grinding 4 cloves of garlic, or you can add 10g cayenne pepper or you can add a teaspoon of English Mustard powder. Experiment, the whole process is completely fun.
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