Sausage Podcast No 5

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Welcome to No 5 of The Sausage Podcast. Sorry we have been a little late, not been all that well recently.

Fight in VW boardroom over sausages
Lady in Argentina finds condom in a chorizo

This week we look at merguez sausage
Linking sausages

How to make merguez sausages

1 kg minced lamb
2 crushed and chopped garlic cloves
12 g salt
2 large tsp paprika (as much as you like – even to two tablespoons!)
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp corriander
3 tbsp cold water
3 tbsp harissa

Make sure everything is cold, and sterile.
Add the spices and harissa and water into the fridge.
Bring everything into the cold bowl.
Use sheep skins at 18 is mm – soaked.

Stuff your sausages.

Link and rest overnight.


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