Patio Produce

How to cultivate a lot of home-grown vegetables from the smallest possible space. When space is at a premium, growing decent food to eat might seem an impossible task. Patio Produce is about just that; growing delicious, wholesome fruit and vegetables in the smallest spaces. It shows you how to make the most of pots and planters; how to create decorative but edible displays; how to plan for a reasonable yield; and how never to run out of at least something special to eat. If you have a balcony on a high rise, a roof garden or a patio, you can immeasurably enhance your quality of life, maintain your health and enjoy some amazing meals from the freshest and richest ingredients. Patio Produce goes from plant pot to plate. Think quality, freshness, flavour and put these thoughts into your ever greening fingers. Inside there are detailed step-by-step instructions how to grow on the patio – not just for novelty’s sake, but for flavour and an enhanced eating experience. You might not have all the space in the world, but you can enjoy all the flavour in the world. To know you have grown, nurtured, harvested and cooked to perfection your own vegetables and fruit, will make this book into an old friend.

Reviews in the press

‘If you’ve ever wondered whether it was possible to grow food in a relatively small space then this is the book for you. …I wish I’d had a copy of this book when I started out. If you’ve never had the confidence to grow your own food in a confined space then this book will be a godsend to you. It will get you started without a lot of expense and carry you through the inevitable queries that you’ll have.’

‘This is an excellent book for the gardener short on space. It covers everything from planning how to get the most from a small area through to harvesting time. It’s written in non-technical terms and is a pleasure to read. The book is a self contained mine of information for the amateur and experienced patio gardener. We thoroughly recommend this book for the amateur patio gardener and believe that even experienced gardeners will find it very useful.’

‘Ideal for the complete novice.’ The Blackmore Vale Magazine.

‘Full of creative ideas to inspire you to ditch the supermarket queue…a wealth of knowledge and a host of How to Grow tips.’ The North Devon Journal.

‘I’ve looked at a lot of books on container growing vegetables and fruit – this has to be the best one so far.’

‘…how to grow things in wheelie bins as well as window boxes.’ Daily Telegraph, Dec 09, Tim Richardson rounds up the best horti-books of 2009.

‘Ideal for anyone who wants to grow vegetables in pots & containers. Very practical, tells you all you need to know to get a good harvest of vegetables even if you don’t have a ‘proper’ garden to grow them in. Includes crop by crop details of pot sizes needed, best planting methods etc.’

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