Cooking Britain

Iconic traditional recipes from the British Isles

Diana Peacock takes you through the regions of Britain with 85 recipes for the food that made British cuisine great. Seasonal, fresh, healthy and full of the flavours of the wonderful British Countryside, this book is a wonderful resource.

If you want to make Jellied Eels, Pease Pudding, Fidget Pie or Cullen Skink, or a whole range of British dishes, this book is for you.

Recipes include:

Jellied Eels
Eel and Parsley Soup
Omelette ‘Arnold Bennett’
Kentish Chicken Pudding
Portmanteau’d Lamb Chops
Richmond Maids of Honour!
Tonbridge Biscuits
Dr Johnson’s Punch

Potted Kippers
Kipper Quiche
Pease Pudding
Northumberland Casserole
Cidered Fish Casserole
Yorkshire Parkin
Stottie Cakes
Singing Hinnies
Curd Tarts
Yorkshire Pudding

Irish Potato Soup
Bacon and Savoy Cabbage Soup
Irish Wheaten Soda Bread
Potato Farls
Irish Fry-up
Beef in Guinness
Traditional Irish Stew
Irish Whisky Cake
Oaten Honeycomb Pudding
Hot Irish Punch

Potted Shrimp or Prawns
Seafood Soup
Cumbrian Farmyard Cakes
Black Pudding, Lancashire Cheese and Walnut Salad
Meat and Potato Hash with Onions in Vinegar
Lancashire Hot Pot
Grasmere Gingerbread
Manchester Tart
Chester Pudding
Chorley Cakes

Scotch Broth
Cullen Skink
Partan Pie
Herrings in Oatmeal
Scottish Collops
Scotch Eggs
Mutton Pie
Clootie Dumpling
Hog’s face
Oat Sausages
Turkey and Oats
Haggis with Barley
Venison Pie
Rabbit Fricassee

Jugged Hare
Shropshire Pea Soup
Potted Stilton
Birmingham Chicken Balti
Roast Rib of Hereford Beef with Horseradish Cream
Fidget Pie
Tamworth Pork Chops with Mushroom Pâté
Sticky Staffordshire Gingerbread

Salcombe Bay Crab Soup
Cornish Pasties
Gloucester Cheese and Ale
Somerset Pork
Liver Casserole
Dorset Apple Cake
Roasted Belly Pork
Stargazy Pie
Cornish Stargazy Pie
Luxury Stargazy Pie

Cawl Cennin/Cream of Leek Soup
Caws Pob/Welsh Rarebit
Pâté Gregyn Gleision y Fenai/Menai Strait Mussel Pâté
Tatws Popty/Oven-Baked Potatoes
Casserol Ceredigion/Cardiganshire Casserole
Wyau Ynys Mon/Anglesey Eggs
Pwdin Mynwy/Monmouth Pudding
Bara Brith Pentref/Village Bara Brith
Cacenau Aberhonddu/Brecon Light Cakes
Loshin Du/Black Toffee

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