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Spinach is one of those crops we should be all using in the garden. It is a really useful plant both in salads and as a vegetable, and more recently as an ingredient in curries and eastern dishes.

Simple to grow, all you do is sow in a line about a little finger’s depth and pretty much forget about it. When the leaves are young they can be used in salads, and as the plant develops they can be thinned – otherwise they will go to seed – a process called bolting. Actually, you can grow a variety called ‘Bolttardy’ which is less prone to this, but even this one bolts when it is too warm – just try growing it in a greenhouse and you’ll see.

Chard is much the same, when it comes to growing, they are almost sow and forget plants, that need a fairly rich soil, but then tend for themselves. I personally prefer rainbow chard because it does brighten up the vegetable patch.

Fortunately the hens really love the thinnings, but you can eat them too – in everyone’s garden there should be no such thing as waste.

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