Egg box seed tray

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IMG_0726We have started sowing seeds in old egg cartons, when we have enough of them. Usually egg cartons are really important to have when you keep hens, but if they all stop laying (as ours did recently) you get a build up of bought ones.
Anyway, the point is that these days we all use propagators, plastic jobbies which get too warm, too moist, and you frequently – well, sometimes, get damping off and other fungal infections.

So the cardboard actually helps by absorbing excess water and also there is a lid – so its dark for a while at least.
When it comes to transplanting, just cut out the egg compartment, make a hole in the bottom and transplant – no need to touch the plant at all!


Of course, the seedlings will need sunlight, so you have to take the lid off. Also make sure the box is well labelled because otherwise it will end up being thrown on the fire with the other rubbish!


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