Digging up miscanthus

I am sure that some people love miscanthus. Certainly the RHS website has a long list of them to grow. But once the not so little alien has gotten into your garden, it starts to turn your beds into a horrendous mess. Well, that’s how it feels to me. I can’t get about the garden like I used to and it takes over in those hard to reach places. It takes a small army, a tank with flame thrower and probably a few kilos of napalm to shift.(Well actually it takes just good old fashioned hard work, and plenty of it.)

It has has trials to be used as a biofuel partly because there is very little ash and you can fuel coal fired power stations with it. It also can produce a huge crop, upwards of 10 tonnes per acre. I actually don’t doubt this because the one I managed to get up filled a whole compost bin!

It is about 5 feet tall, and the flower stalks are about 7 feet high and it produces a lot of seeds which seem to get everywhere. Already in the garden there is not a bed that hasn’t been touched.

I think this beast was planted by the previous occupant as an ornamental plant. I wish they wouldn’t. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t provide enough justification to grow it. But then you’ll say, what about potatoes – they come from abroad, or lettuces from Rome. Well these plants have been here for hundreds if not thousands of years. Im not suggesting we shouldn’t grow stuff because our gardens are supposed to be ‘natural’ but I am suggesting that we don’t simply import stuff from all over the world ‘just because it’s pretty!’

Anyway, the miscanthus has got to go – anyone fancy a week here with a spade?

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