Crops to sow in August

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There are lots of crops we can be sowing in August. Of course there are always salad leaves for a pick and come again autumn crops. I tend to use ‘All Year Round’ lettuce, and keep sowing into September. You can sow beets too, and radish, and I always sow plenty of turnips, which are so comforting in autumnal roasts.

You can sow carrots right now, and get a crop in around 6 weeks. Interestingly, I sow carrots in containers, far too many of them, and leave them to grow out. By the time Christmas comes we have tons of baby carrots. The only thing I do to them is to thin them where they look too crowded, giving more room to grow.

Pak Choi is a good late entry, sow now and collect in October, they usually do well right up to the first frosts.

You can also get cauliflowers and cabbages in the ground, not sowing but planting out. If you haven’t already started them off, you should be able to get plug plants, and the time is looming for Japanese onion sets!

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