Broad beans

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Broad beans are brilliant to grow, easy and largely trouble free. The only problem you tend to get is blackfly, usually in early summer. You can sow them now, in October, or later in the Spring. October sown broad beans cope with the harshest winters and produce a crop usually before the blackfly has had chance to get stuck in.

I still use the double row method, which is a row followed by another, slightly offset about 20 cm away, then a gap of about 50 cm before another double row.
The sol needs to be quite rich, don’t be tempted by the fact that beans can fix their own nitrogen from the air, they are never that good at it, and they prefer a rich soil. Soil left over from potatoes is good!

Winter broad beans need earthing up to add a little protection. You might find the beans germinate then stop growing altogether, but they will soon bounce back in the spring!
One more thing, don’t forget to protect them from hungry rabbits and mice, who just love them.
Well worth growing, they’re easy!

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