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Beetroot is an extremely easy to grow root crop, beetroot will do well in any soil or any situation. It prefers well draining soil and good sun. It can be grown either directly in the ground or in pots. As the whole plant, from the root to the leaves, can be eaten, they are a good all-round crop.

Beetroot will fill in all over the plot, between rows of other crops, under beans, really anywhere there is enough soil.

The simpler the beetroot the better in most cases, though you can get all kinds of shapes and ‘Boltardy’ is as good as any, since it doesn’t run to seed.


Light soils are best, slightly acid, and you can add a little compost if you like, the best flavour comes from reasonably fertile soil.

Sowing and Growing

To stagger the crops, sow outdoors every two weeks from May until late July and you will have crops almost until Christmas.

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Keep early ones free from frost, but after that they more or less grow themselves. If you sow in a drill (a single line of plants) thin them out so there is at least a hands-breadth between growing plants. This way you will get decent crops.


Carefully lift out when roots are 5 cm (2 – 3 in) in diameter, but take only when needed as this encourages those left in the ground to continue growing. Twist off the tops 3 cm from the root.

Pests and Problems

Cover with fleece to keep black bean aphid and cutworm at bay. Weed well and try to reduce the humidity as much as possible because they can fall prey to fungal infections.



Brilliant grower, doesn’t go to seed. Good colour, maybe smaller beets.

Alto F1

Long cylinder beet, will stay in the ground a long time.

Boldor F1

An orange beet, good germination really good grower.


Another cylindrical one that has really excellent flavour.

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