Today in the garden: August blues

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It has rained every day since mid July and it is cold. The garden is cold. I naturally feel the cold, but the plants are feeling it too. The greenhouse is shut up, the door and windows are closed and it’s struggling to get the tomatoes even green.

Still, there is a bonus with rain. I’d rather have some than none. The apples have matured early, and the French Beans look as though they are going to do well. The potatoes love it, and you can more or less guarantee there will be no blight while the temperatures are so low.

With every bonus there is a downside. Weeds! I seem to be doing little more than weeding these days. I find it most frustrating that I can’t grow some plants because it’s too dark – we live in a wood mostly – but the weeds grow like stink.

It is this that encourages me to clear the decks and grow some salad leaves where the weeds were, and that will be done over the rest of the summer and into the autumn.

I have ordered some bread pallets, which will be placed on plastic and pea shingle (small stones) so I can keep them both neat and productive.

It’s time to get winter onion sets in the ground. Here in the UK we call them Japanese onions, and they will be ready about June, depending on the weather, increasing the time we have onions. So far this year I have no onions except salad onions, which is down to illness really, but hopefully I can catch up with the big boys now.

Winter onions are not the best at keeping, but if you have enough of them, at a rate of about 4 – 5 onions a week, you need about 60 onions to last until the main crop is ready. They will last around 3 months easily.

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