Leeks have to be the simplest plants to grow, and they are so forgiving. Normally they are to be sown in the early spring and then planted out more or less by late spring.


But you can find the plants, each about the size of a pencil, in garden centres, often with a good discount too. Simply top and tail them – that is to cut off the bottom of the roots and the top of the leaves with a sharp knife. This slows down the growth of the plant when you put them in the ground and you get a bigger, thicker leek as a consequence.


To plant dig a hole about the size of a pint pot. I usually use a bulb planter to pull out a plug of earth. The holes are about 30 cm apart. A single leek plant is dropped into each hole, and then go along with your watering can and fill them with water. That’s it, all you have to do.


They do well in frosts and the longer you leave them in the ground the tastier they are. Don’t forget to visit www.mrdigwell.com for more gardening information and our special offers.



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