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If I was a blade of grass I would say we just had a brilliant summer! Warmish, wet, never too hot nor dry. In order to keep the lawn in good order it is time to do a little work. The most important, having given the lawn a cut, is to aerate. You should use a garden fork for this, making holes in the grass about a fat finger in width and about six inches deep. The holes need to be about a foot apart. It’s a big job, but well worth it.

Another job is to get a grass rake and give the lawn a good scratch. This will remove a lot of dead grass and moss and keep the lawn in much better health. Moss collects water very easily, and this will make weeds grow.

If you have a lot of moss, kill it with moss killer, which is a completely safe substance, and then reseed the areas where you have bare earth.

Finally you can top dress. You can use specially bought composts or simply mix loam and compost 50:50. Brush well in.

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