Turbo bacon

Turbo bacon

It only takes 24 hours to make, and you can control exactly how much salt is in the meat.
By slicing the meat first you have access to the centre of the meat, so you don’t need an excess of salt to ‘seep’ into the meat over a period of a week.
The ‘bacon’ tastes wonderful. I’m not sure it will last a long time, but it never has to. This two kilo piece of supermarket pork will last about 7 days before it is all eaten up.
We do make bacon in other ways, but when we are in need of something quick, this wins hands down, and it is half the price of shop bought bacon.
I do use a bacon slicer, but wanted to show how easy it was to make with just a sharp knife. The rashers are not just what you would expect but who cares? I ‘ain’t feeding the queen!

Cure recipe:
1.5% of the weight of the meat of curing salt. You can also use non iodised kitchen salt, it won’t have the same colour and it will miss out on the extra protection of the nitrates and nitrites.
Same amount of light brown sugar.
A little pepper.
You can add all kinds of flavours, chili, mustard powder, garlic – anything you like really.
Please do post any questions you might have and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


If you are going to add garlic you might be best to add it as powder, it is absorbed more easily. Remember that garlic puree is very salty, so you might be adding more salt than you bargained for.

IMG_1628The bacon cooking after an overnight stay in the fridge. No oil used, no scum or liquid in the pan. Funny shape, maybe but that doesn’t really matter, my choppers will make the shape even funnier!

This is quite a mild cure. By the way, I don’t wash the bacon. There is some liquor run off from the meat, and this will continue, but a lot of the salt added to the bacon is washed out with the liquor, making it mild, and healthy too!


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