Pumpkin soup

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There really is no waste with pumpkins. The whole of the fruit can be eaten, the seeds can be saves and the throw away bits can be composted, fed to hens etc.

Try making toasted pumpkin seeds:

You can eat them as a snack – they really are gorgeous!

Pumpkin soup

Easy to make pumpkin soup

1 litre good quality stock
100 g lentils
3 onions
2 red chillis 🌶
4 cloves garlic
1 medium 🎃 pumpkin and its seeds
1 dessert spoon butter
Fresh thyme
Salt & pepper
Splash of brandy
Zest of lemon 🍋

Roast the pumpkin with a chopped chilli and three garlic cloves, salt and pepper for 40 minutes for extra flavour, then add to the soup.

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