Lamb Maqluba

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Maqluba means upside down – you prepare the ingredients and then cook it and turn it out on a plate, so the ingredients at the bottom end up on the top.

For the lamb and stock:
500g cubed lamb steaks
1 chopped onion
2 chopped garlic cloves
1 level tsp turmeric
2 rounded tsp garam masala
1 level tsp ground cinnamon, add less if you find cinnamon overpowering
1/2 tsp salt
1 litre water

1. Put all the above ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil. Then simmer for 25 minutes.
2. Turn off the heat and cover and leave.

For the vegetables:
2 tbsp oil
1 aubergine, sliced into rounds
1 courgette, sliced into rounds
6 broccoli florets, halved
1 large tomato, sliced
200g long grain or basmati rice

1. Heat a couple tbsp oil in a frying pan and brown the slices of aubergine and courgette. Place some kitchen paper on a plate and place the vegetable slices on to soak up the oil.
2. Fry the broccoli in the same way.
3. Butter or oil a lidded saucepan.
4. Place the slices of tomato in the base of the pan.
5. Strain the meat and onion keeping the stock in a jug. Put the meat mixture over the tomatoes.
6. Sprinkle a third of the rice over the meat.
7. Layer the aubergine and courgette.
8. Sprinkle over a third of the rice.
9. Layer the broccoli and top with the rest of the rice.
10. Pour over three quarters of the meat stock and cover with a lid.
11. Place the pan over a low light and leave for 25 minutes.
12. After 25 minutes top with stock and cover and leave for 15 more minutes.
13. Remove from the heat and allow to Stan without removing the lid for 10 minutes.
14. Turn the mixture onto a plate carefully so the layers stay roughly in place.

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