Easy yoghurt

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Why bother to buy yoghurt all the time when you can make it for at least a tenth of the price, if not even cheaper? Yoghurt is a really useful addition to the kitchen, and the breakfast table and the curry and , well, everything!
You will need:
A large thermos flask holding at least 2 litres or a thermal cooker,
A large pan with a lid
A long handled metal spoon
2 litres whole milk
A small pot of live natural yogurt, I prefer to use Yeo Valley it gives a good flavour
Sterile lidded plastic containers
1. Sterilise your pan by adding boiling water and heating it at boiling for three to four minutes then
empty it and pour in your milk.
2. Heat the milk to 80- 85C this when it is just about bubbling if you don’t have a thermometer. This stage is important because it stops the product from being gloopy. 
3. Remove from the heat and cover the pan with the lid keep the pan as near to this temperature
as you can for 30 minutes. Thermal cookers are great for this as you just pop the pan in its
thermal jacket.
4. Cool the milk to 40C then add the yogurt and stir well.
5. Pour into the flask or place the pan in its thermal jackets and leave overnight.
6. The next day spoon the yogurt into the strike containers and cover with a lid immediately and
store in the fridge for up to 10 days.
I buy fresh strawberries and raspberries and heat gently in a pan until they begin to fall then crush
them and add to my yogurt as necessary. Pass the raspberries through a sieve if you don’t like the
seeds. Or just add fresh fruit, lemon curd, honey and sliced banana, muesli and dried cranberries.
Be creative adidas you fancy something rather naughty a spoonful of Nutella.


Always use a fresh batch of yoghurt to make your next lot of yoghurt, to keep the unfriendly bugs at bay.

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