Bread and butter pickles

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In the American depression of the 1903’s, people found food difficult to come by. One way of making a little go a long way was to make bead and butter pickle. This is not bread and butter, pickled, but a pickle of cucumbers and spices which were eaten on bread and butter – a whole lot better than simply eating bread and butter without any filling at all!


It is possibly one of the archetypal pickles:

Slice a couple of cucumbers and cover with a tablespoon of salt. Rub into all the cucumbrs and leave over a bowl in a fridge for at least two hours to draw off water.

You can rinse the salt away after a couple of hours ready for the next stage.

Make a brine of the following:

PLUS: 120 ml water and 1 Tablespoon of sugar.


Add your washed cucumbers to the boiling brine and cook for 5 – 10 minutes if they are to be kept for a long time. If they are to be used straight away, just remove from the heat.

Spoon into a sterile jar , set the lid and allow to cool before storing.

Keep for two days before trying, though they are amazing straight away!

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