Queso Blanco

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Queso Blanco is a South American cheese similar to the Indian cheese Paneer. It is an excellent cooking cheese.
4.5 litres milk
80 ml of vinegar (this may be cider, grain, or herbal vinegar.)
1. Heat the milk to 90C. Stirring often to keep from scorching. When the milk is at 90C., stir in the vinegar.
2. Turn the heat off and let the hot milk set for 5 minutes. The milk will quickly coagulate into curds (solid white) and whey (a clear green liquid.)
3. Line a colander with fine cheesecloth and pour the curds and whey into the colander. Hang the bag of curd to drain for one hour or until it reaches your desired consistency. Remove the cheese from the cloth.
4. It will be a solid mass of curd and stored in the refrigerator in a bowl until ready for use.


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