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This is a simple cheese, used the world over. You don’t need huge amounts of milk. It is an extension of the whole milk ricotta type cheese, being made in almost the same way, except the curds are pressed under a heavy weight, and you get quite a hard cheese.

You can use vinegar, or lemon juice if you like.

You will need

2 litres milk

60 ml White Vinegar or lemon juice

Bring the milk to the boil

Add the acid and look for the curds forming. If they don’t, bring the milk back to the boil and add some more a teaspoon at a time until they do. Stir slowly.

Close the lid and leave for an hour.

Pour the curds into a cheesecloth inside a colander and when drained, fold the cheesecloth around the cheese.

Place the cheesecloth on a chopping board which is on a draining board. Then another chopping board on top of this.

Place a heavy pan of water on the top and leave overnight.

The cheese should be ready for use.

You can salt it for general eating, or you can cut into cubes and cook in a curry.

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