How to make Feta

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It is easy to make feta if you stick to the rules. I can just imagine Greek people reading this and getting all cross with me, and well they might. You see they would not call this Feta, it is white cheese – that’s what the Greeks call it if it is not actually made in Greece. Only Feta made in Greece can be called Feta.
But it looks like Feta, tastes like feta and a rose by any other name…

4.5 Litres Fresh milk Pasteurised or plain.
1 tub Plain Live Greek Yoghurt
5 drops Rennet
2 tbsp Calcium Chloride Solution – You can miss this out.
1/4 tsp Lipase – You can miss this out.
The items, Calcium Chloride and Lipase do make the cheese more authentic in flavour.

1. Heat milk to around 32C and add yoghurt, Lipase and Calcium Chloride
2. Leave for a couple of hours
3. Dissolve 5 drops of rennet in a little cool boiled water and stir into the milk.
4. Leave at 32 C for an hour and check for a clean break.
5. Cut curds into 1 cm or 1/2 in blocks Increase temperature to around 36 C and keep for an hour
6. Drain curds in cheesecloth overnight – keep 1 litre of the whey (a quart) and add 330 g salt to this. Also add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the brine, and if you have it a tablespoon of Calcium Chloride solution.
7. Cut the curd into 2 inch – 5 cm blocks
8. Lay in a glass tray and salt each side with salt. Turn the cheese each day for 3 days, pouring the resulting whey off. Mature in the brine for at least a week – up to 3 weeks.


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