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Halloumi is a cheese from Cyprus that is really easy to make. This is one of the basic cheeses of the Lavant, and is most popular in Cyprus, where both Turkish and Greek communities make the cheese in the same way.

It is a cooked cheese that does not melt, and therefore is excellent in cooking – particular burgers, but is also wonderful eaten cold.

Some uses of halloumi

Introduction to cheese making

A short introduction to cheesemaking for those who haven’t yet tried it. Making cheese is easy, but there are a few rules you need to stick by in order to achieve success. However, try not to give up when you see things going wrong – most things can be salvaged, as you will often see in the videos.

Cleanliness and temperature control are the two most important aspects to making cheese at home.

You will need

A large pan
4 – 5 litres whole milk
6 drops of rennet in a tablespoon of cool boiled water
Dried mint and salt (non iodised)
Cheesecloth or a boiled shirt!!!


Heat the milk to 33C
Add the rennet and stir well to mix completely
Put the lid on the pot and keep it warm, but not higher than 33 C
After an hour you should have curds, which you cut with a sterile knife into 1 cm cuboids.

Increase the temperature to 40C and leave for up to an hour.

Spoon the curds into a cheesecloth, keeping the whey. The best way to do this is to put the cheesecloth into a colander over a pan

Let the curds drain for an hour -make sure you have them all out of the pan

Place the curd mass between two cutting boards and place a pan of water on top to press, leaving it for 90 mins. Alternatively you can use a springform cake tin, upside down and put the weight on the base so it presses the cheese. Press for at least 90 minutes.

Meanwhile you combine the whey from the two pans it has been collected in and then bring it to the boil

Carefully remove the cheese from the cheesecloth and cut into squarish shapes about 10 – 12 cm

Take the whey off the heat and place the pieces of cheese in the hot liquid, after about 20 minutes they will rise to the surface

Remove from the whey and sprinkle with salt and dried mint mixed together, on all sides

Traditionally it is folded over but I don’t bother

The following day you have halloumi!

If you need to buy cheese making materials ....

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