Cottage Cheese

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This is just like our basic cheese and is easy to make.

It is also known as Farmer’s cheese and Smallholder’s cheese.

You will need: 4.5 l Fresh Milk
1 cube of starter or 100 ml Mesophillic Starter Culture
5 drops of rennet
Cheese cloth


Combine the milk with the starter.
Heat to 30C add the rennet in a small quantity of cool, boiled water.

Cover and set aside to set.

Cut the curd into 1 cm cubes. Allow the curds to firm up for 15 minutes.

Increase the temperature to 43C and cook at this temperature for 45 minutes.

The curds are cooked when they have shrunk and fallen in the whey.

Line a colander with a cheesecloth and drain the curds for 15 minutes.

Plunge the curds into iced water for 5 minutes.

Using your fingers, on the outside of the cheese cloth, manipulate curds so they are washed.
Repeat this at least three times in fresh water.

Drain the curds to consistency you like – cottage cheese isn’t dry – and place in a bowl. Season with a teaspoon of salt.

You can add herbs if you wish. You can add cream if you wish.

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  1. posted by Paul Peacock on January 16, 2016

    The starter. You can buy mesophillic starter in packets. Add to 500 ml of milk, leave in the warm for 12 hours and then pour into icecube trays and freeze. You can then pop an icecube into the milk.

    OR YOU CAN add a couple of tablespoons of plain live yoghurt. Works well.

    Don’t forget to be really clean and sterilize tour containers, cloth etc.


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