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Irish Sausage

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The fundamental basis for this Irish Sausage is a pork sausage with sage and allspice. more

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Why you shouldn’t make your own insecticide and herbicide

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Not only is it illegal, it can be quite dangerous to make your own chemicals for the garden. Stay completely organic! more

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Cooking pulses

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Until potatoes took over, pulses were our staple food, and still completely wonderful, says Diana more

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What to do in your garden in October

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A season of mists and all that... October is a time to roll your sleeves up and do a bit of graft, bringing in your harvest and getting ready for next season. more

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A cheese from Cyprus that is really easy to make. This is one of the basic cheeses of the Lavant, and is most popular in Cyprus, where both Turkish and Greek communities make the cheese in the same way. Halloumi is a cooked cheese that does not melt, and therefore... more

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