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Poule au pot

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Poule au Pot This recipe is the brainchild of Henry IV of France who, despite having 56 mistresses, was happily married to his second wife, Marie de Medici, who was addicted to eating globe artichokes for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities, and having ended religious wars and rebuilt French commerce and... more

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Christmas drinks

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Hodgkin This is both a drink and a desert. Its name comes from the 15th century word ‘hodge-podge’, which means mixture. The preparation for this should really start in early summer when the first strawberries are ripening. These are the first of the fruits to be stored in the hodgkin,... more

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Simple fried salmon with lemon

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This is easy and simple and is a completely wonderful way to eat trout or salmon. Put the pan of cooked trout directly onto something heat proof in the middle of the table, a hunk of bread and butter, and let them dig in! Serves one large salmon portion per... more

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