Tomato ketchup

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IMG_0458We’re a little surprised. They have slowly changed the recipe for tomato ketchup, using cheaper vinegar, corn syrup, thickening agents. It’s happeniing all the time, messing with food. So we are on a drive to make our own, from scratch.

Here’s our recipe for kechup and we’ll come back to you about it with amendments.



1 Kg chopped tomatoes

400 g chopped tinned tomatoes

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 finely chopped stick of celery

1 small red chili pepper, deseeded and finely chopped

250 g white sugar

1 tsp mustard powder

200 ml white wine vinegar

1 tsp Salt and white pepper to taste

2 tbs tomato puree

Olive oil for sweating

IMG_0459Put some oil in a pan, add all the vegetables except for the tomatoes.
Sweat on a low light until golden and then add all the tomatoes, bring to the boil.
Simmer for five minutes and add the sugar and vinegar. Mix well.
Add the salt and pepper and tomato puree.
Cook for 25 – 35 minutes on a low simmer.
Set aside to cool a little and blend with a stick blender.
Bottle in sterile bottles. You can freeze it too.


IMG_0466There are so many recipes out there for ketchup, so we are collecting them. Diana is writing a book called The Sauce Bible, withh sauces from around the world, from the classic French Mother sauces to the modern American sauces and dressings.

So far she has over 100 sauces, but the final number will be much higher. More details to follow.

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  1. posted by admin on January 8, 2016

    So we made tomao ketchup, it was the old recipe we used – I say old, I mean the one we have used before as detailed above.
    I haven’t made it for ages and I remember it was a little too sweet and a little too onion.

    But for £2.00 I have about £12.00’s worth of really nice ketchup.

    I have added the pics to the original post.


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