An hour in the garden 5

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Our gardening podcast. A weekly look in to what's happening in the garden. more

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Yorkshire Parkin

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Lovely, sweet, sticky, unctuous cake with ginger. more

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Pumpkin soup

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There really is no waste with pumpkins. The whole of the fruit can be eaten, the seeds can be saves and the throw away bits can be composted, fed to hens etc. more

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Foolproof delicious Christmas Cake

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This foolproof delicious Christmas Cake is a real winner. You need to get organised, stay calm and success is guaranteed every time. more

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An hour in the garden 4

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Listen to “An hour in the garden 4” on Spreaker. This week we are dealing with the huge privet hedge, cutting them down, digging out the roots and having a long series of bonfires to shift the debris. Bonfires are really good for your beds, if you don’t live in... more

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Sausage Podcast No 4

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We make a galantine - is it a sausage? I'll leave it to you to decide! more

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Chillies keep on giving, really worth growing them

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Small brown chillies - good and hot!

Chillies keep on giving. Been away for a week only to come back to find the chillies ripening nicely, but where there has been harvest, replacements have appeared. They simply keep on producing fruit. That is also with a full week without watering! They really are so much better than... more

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What to do in your garden in November

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Normally the time for slippers, cocoa and autumn fires, there’s too much to do in the garden for all that! more

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Hot beef sausage

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There are all kinds of variations you can do for this sausage. Try replacing the horseradish with a teaspoon of English Mustard, or a half a teaspoon of chilli powder. more

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Cooking chicken

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I got involved in a conversation about cooking chicken. Someone said they cooked their chicken at 60 something degrees, and I said it wasn't hot enough. more

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