Growing in Uncertain Times

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Growing in Uncertain Times

We are most certainly living in uncertain times.
This week, according to the press – proper press, not just scaremonger press, it has been reported that Russia have warned its people to be prepared for nuclear war with the west. The Pope, in a mass in Rome, told his audience that this Christmas might be the last!

How true this all is is little consequence. The fact is that this is the world we live in, and who are we to consider ourselves safe from want, disease and war when so many others are in the thick of it already? Otherwise sensible countries such as Germany and Finland have told its people to stockpile food, what are we to make of that?

So what has all this to do with me, someone into growing and cooking food at home? Well it’s simple really. The only defence we have as individuals is to grow food, starting now and getting into a routine, building up whatever land we have into food producing plots as speedily as possible.

It might be all rubbish! I bet it is all rubbish, I bet the powers that be would not press buttons causing huge death and suffering. But then I’m no gambler! So for me it is a question of security as well as healthy and tasty food, environmentally friendly food. And probably it will all blow over and I’ll be left with a great growing, food producing plot. If not, I’ll have something to eat if I am not on special duties jumping from planes and saving the world from the forces of evil (I wish!)
It takes time and patience to build up a plot. You can’t just rely on sticking a few seeds in the soil and waiting for a three course meal to pop up. On average it can take three years to get a good productive garden, so it’s best to start now!

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