Chillies keep on giving, really worth growing them

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Small brown chillies - good and hot!

Chillies keep on giving. Been away for a week only to come back to find the chillies ripening nicely, but where there has been harvest, replacements have appeared. They simply keep on producing fruit. That is also with a full week without watering!

They really are so much better than tomatoes for growing! Who would get new toms in October?

The chilies are easily dried out in the kitchen, which is what I am doing with the browns – they came described as Challock Chilli, but I think they are really Brown Douglah Chillies.

THey are quite hot and really flavoursome, and I am going to use some of them to make a hot harissa sauce, and dry the rest.

My favourite of all is the sweet jalapeno which simply hasn’t stopped producing. This is my fourth crop from the same plant, and it is still heavy with flowers. Who knows, peppers for Christmas?

The other two peppers we have are sweet capsicum, long ones, and they are very mild and a long brown chilli that I don’t have the label for, and I won’t be growing it again because it simply refuses to colour up – it’s remained green throughout. It’s mild and tastes just like the sweet capsicum, and I simply don’t have space for lots of different types that basically taste the same.

I would like to keep them over winter, but I want to grow from seed next season, and therefore I will, eventually, pop these on the compost heap. Seems a shame, but gardening for me is more than just having stuff, it’s the interest too.

However, I might save some of the seeds from these babies, they have been such a brilliant plant, and have saved my flagging faith in the summer season, this cold, wet, horrid summer that was 2016!

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  1. posted by Stephen on October 23, 2016

    Certainly not Brown Douglas – was a semi controlled cross between Birds Eye & Barberre Coffee Brown. We have stabilised seed of one that looks different but we have named Fat Bird….

    • posted by admin on October 23, 2016

      Thanks Stephen,

      You can’t argue with the boss, from Victoriana Garden Nurseries!

      Barberre Coffee Brown was the other one, great flavour, but very much like the capsicum, which I probably will find more useful.

      This brown one, Fat Bird, would you call it a hot or a medium one? I bit into one and it felt hot, but the sensation eased after about an hour.

      Obviously (I say obviously but I suppose it’s not) it would be less hot when cooked with other ingredients.


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