Carpet in flooded houses

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Carpet in flooded houses

So the rain came down and the floods went up! And the carpets were sodden. The underlay, being plastic backed, trapped water underneath and it seemed like it would take a good long time to dry out.

After about 2 hours the carpet started to smell. Overnight the smell grew worse. It is not uncommon for the carpet to grow fungi within 24 hours, and to dangerous levels. Even with a good heater on it, there would have been no chance to dry the carpet within at least a fortnight, probably a lot longer.

Breathing in all those fungal spores does your health no good at all, and consequently there is only one thing to do. GET RID OF THE CARPET!

It’s the only answer really, otherwise the house, the woodwork, your lungs and goodness knows what else will be simply overrun with fungi.

We had to get like for like, and this carpet was a wool twist, so it was expensive, but better that than being ill.

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