Welcome to City Cottage

didoThe idea of City Cottage is simple. Started in the early 2000’s by Diana and Paul Peacock, circumstances meant we had to provide for our family on a very tight budget. Consequently, much of our food was home grown on an allotment. We kept hens and bees, grew vegetables and fruit and learned how to make cheese and sausage and other traditional food.Traditional because our grandparents and everyone before them in our families had more or less to do the same.

Over the years we have written many books on the subject, dashed around the country doing courses at colleges such as the Women’s Institute College and cookery schools in farms and elsewhere. We did lots of radio for the BBC and television and made lots of films.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 17.55.59We now work almost exclusively from home writing books and radio shows and publishing our magazine on the internet each month. It is quite free so please do keep coming back for the month’s serve up of gardening and recipes!

We love to hear from our readers, so please do leave us a message, comment on the recipes – you can even put your own recipes online, and you can take us with you anywhere on your mobile device, listen to our shows in the car and at home.

We hope you enjoy our site and recipes!


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