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Leek and mushroom soup

Leeks and onions go together...

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  • Tabbouleh Salad

    Tabbouleh salad is an archetypal salad dish from Lebanon. It doesn't really need the hallouni cheese but it makes a meal all of itself. Tabbouleh is excellent for ...

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  • Steaks in Garlic-Lime

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    This is a Cuban style dish which combines flavours you wouldn't normally expect - garlic and lime!

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  • Mascarpone

    This is a really easy recipe, and you won’t go back. Ingredients 600 ml double cream Juice of 1 – 2 lemons Method Warm the cream until it ...

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  • Mild kebab sauce

    This mild kebab sauce is just like the stuff you get from the kebab shop and is perfect with shawarma kebabs and other meats too.

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  • Sausage Podcast No 4

    We make a galantine - is it a sausage? I'll leave it to you to decide!

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