Welcome to City Cottage

City Cottage is about growing and making excellent food at home, with whatever land you have and wherever you are based. We believe you can get the very best unadulterated food for the price of the cheapest packaged and preserved foods on supermarket shelves.
You will find podcasts, videos, recipes and tips. We cannot display all of them, so if you are looking for something, try our search facility.

Our Books

Radio Show

We are working hard to bring you that which we started over a year ago but illness forced it into the background. A daily radio stream dedicated to growing and preserving your own food! When it appears, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, it will have a wide range of shows and we’re sure you’ll find something to tune in.

We are probably going to repeat the shows on a rotation, so if you miss something, or a simply unable to tune in at that time, you will be able to come back later in the day.

We are also looking to interview people, so if you have something to say, please do get in touch by emailing paul@citycottage.co.uk

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